The Apocalypse Upon Us

The other day I overheard a conservation about the Zombie Apocalypse. How unusual right? The sad part is, as little as I care for those trivial conversations it really pissed me off. Although I’m not a huge zombie fan or anything of the sort, I prefer those without rotting flesh, the conversation really pissed me off. Not because they wouldn’t shut up about a completely irrelevant subject, but because they had the details wrong. The conversation went along these lines:

“What happens when the zombies eat all of the human brains and no one is left?”

“Maybe all the zombies will fear a human apocalypse!”

NO. JUST NO. The zombies would eat the human brains and as humans became scarce so would the zombies resulting in either  a predator prey relationship or the extinction of humans followed by the extinction of zombies because they would starve. Even if the human race died out and then started to return, it wouldn’t bet he same concept. Humans fear zombies because zombies eat humans. Zombies do not fear humans, they eat humans. After all, Humans don’t go around fretting a chicken apocalypse.