Mr. Doctor Man

Hello mr doctor man,
will you take away my pills?
You’ve done all you can,
To rid me of my chills.

Hello mr doctor sir,
Will you take away my pain?
Give me something to blur,
And make the feeling wane?

Hello misses doctor ma’am,
Will you change my medicine?
I have too many things to cram,
And I’m too tired to begin.

Hello misses doctor lady
Will you admit me please?
I think I’m going crazy,
I can’t tell my shoulder from my knee.

Hello my self restraint.
Will you please keep your post?
I’ve begun to feel so faint,
A victim of my host.

Good bye my little bottle,
Prescription be your name.
As I go full throttle,
And swerve into dead end’s lane.


Living life

Breathing in the thrill of life,
A nearly forgotten technique.
Taking the moon from the night,
To find a thrill unique.
Crossing the line of acceptance,
Throwing your comfort aside,
Refusing to feel hesitance,
Convincing yourself you’re fine.
Living to a full extent,
Never looking back,
Fulfilling your heart’s content,
With everything you have.
Experienced and well informed,
you will die at ease.
A life lived is your reward,
Great enough to part the seas.


The People say I’m honest.

The Crowd says I’m lying.

I’m Falling says the pessimist,

But the optimist says I’m Flying.


The Preacher says I’ve been reborn.

The doctor says I’m dying.

Therapy says I’m full of scorn.

I say I let it all out crying.


You can’t see the ground at night,

But you can see the stars.

Is this a lover’s fight,

Or just a way to break my heart?


I see you through the looking glass,

But haven’t looked through the window pane.

Perspective will take life’s flask,

And then everything will change.


Forgotten Phrases

Do you remember,

That sunny day you said,

If tears occur,

To  ask for a helping hand?


Well, it’s storming.

The rain used fall on the outside,

But inside, it’s pouring.

I think you lied.

                                                                                                            “  “  “  “                                                                                                                             “  “  “

I’m drowning.

Suffocating on misery.

You could pull the plug to the drain.

You could end the agony.


Hand over your ears,

Is this how it always was?

Do tears fall unnoticed?


I’m Screaming,

But my words fall short.

I’m leaning,

But with no support.


Hear me out.

I’m begging you to listen.

Even when I shout,

My words are stretched thin.


The way out?

I’m well aware.

The preferred route,

Simply needs you to care.

Vague memories,

When Hell was only a word.

Suicidal cries,

Don’t seem so absurd.


Icy Snow,

Bitterly missed.

It numbed the pain I know.

Rain only creates Mist.

You Above the Rest

I’ll send you a smile by the last sun’s ray,

I’ll wash my silent tears in a moon beam,

I’ll pull the threads of my t-shirts fray,

And drink no coffee with my cream.

I’ll never frown where you can see,

I’ll cry only when you won’t worry,

I’ll let my carelessness roam free,

And place you above pride’s glory.

I’ll carry you across broken glass,

I’ll warm you through the winter frost,

I’ll take the pain of your huddled mass,

And please you no matter the cost.

I’ll hold you in my fractured heart,

But for you it will be as if it were whole,

In your presence I shall never fall apart,

But bury despair deep into my soul.

I’ll place you high above the rest,

You’re my mind’s slight obsession.

I’ll make sure you have only the best,

And have plenty in other’s recession.



Why Anonymous?

I am my own identity,

Identity unknown.

All  the words in me,

Have a new-found home.

I speak to find serenity.

I listen for your reply.

The question resides in me,

The answer in the sky.

You know not my name.

My face is a mystery as well.

I hide myself in shame,

For what I have to tell.

—The Identity Under the Ink

With a diary your thoughts are private, there’s no feedback, no judgement. No one ever knows— unless someone discovers your pages of secrecy. That person knows you, you aren’t just another face, and now, they know what goes on inside your  mind. Why would anyone ever want that? This blog, strange as it may seem, was made to be my diary of some sort. I want feedback, and I suppose even judgement. Having my thoughts on the internet was originally a scary thought— unless no one knows them as my thoughts. In a way, it’s like writing in a diary, but I have the millions of bloggers out there to respond, like a committee of imaginary friends. I will know you by what you write, just as you know me. Feel free to comment, to judge. I love criticism— it makes me feel human, and that’s always a good feeling.