Societal Wrong

Is it wrong to want to die? We all die in the end, it’s inevitable. Is it such a terrible thing to give up the desire to continue in the massive world full of misfortune and heartache. Sure, there are days of happiness, but for every ray of sunshine there will be two rain clouds, and they don’t balance out anymore.

Is it so wrong to end the game before the hourglass runs out of sand? It has to end soon enough. If only pain and agony hold your hand, and happiness is lost at sea, Is it so wrong to throw the dice before your turn has come, Or better yet to claim defeat before the fat lady has sung?

I don’t want to carry on. I don’t want to get out of bed. I don’t want to go to class. I don’t want to study for hours or do homework. I don’t even want to do the things I used to claim to love. There’s nothing left for me excluding death. Society frowns on that word, death. I can’t begin to understand why. It rings with tranquility. It’s the end. The story’s over, the prince found the princess and the the villain was defeated. Now the kids are off to bed and everyone lived happily ever after. The end. I hate it when death is treated like a tragedy. Everyone dies. No one makes it out alive. Death is not a catastrophe. Death is normal and natural. And is it so wrong to want to be normal?


Even if I have to break the glass?


One thought on “Societal Wrong

  1. gnatseyeview says:

    Death is as natural as life. It would be unwise to ignore either.

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