Instructive Contradiction

Recently I have discovered the back and forth method most adults call parenting. Everything is always changing and Monday’s words of advice are sure to conflict with Wednesday’s. I was sitting in the car listening to music with headphones since my brother dislikes music. My mother scolded me, told me headphones would lead to a loss in hearing, and demanded I remove them. i wouldn’t have a problem with this had she not just bought me headphones for Christmas. On the bright side, I also received a Sign Language for Dummies book, so being deaf wouldn’t be too bad.

I was also recently told that I “wasn’t allowed” to work because school is my job (let’s see how that goes for them), and then told I was using my AP classes and massive amounts of homework to get out of working around the house, however the theory that “school is my job” doesn’t hold up when the dishes need to be washed. Don’t get me wrong, I have no opposition to doing chores, but I feel like one way roads don’t go well in my household.

I know parents insist they don’t play favorites, but who are we kidding, we know they do. I suppose I’m my stepfather’s favorite, and honestly that’s probably the most beneficial. He practically stole the car he gave me for Christmas from his sister, a BMW. I have a few hundred saved up for a car I thought I would be buying because I’m also “not allowed to drive yet.” I never expected anything that nice (I’m VERY VERY VERY grateful). My mother favors my eldest sister because they’re more equal than anything. They worked together to pay bills and raise the kids while the sperm donor (the nickname for our do nothing but give us life father) was off and they bonded. It was unfair to my sister, but she’s stronger than anyone I know.

I see it every day. For one kid it’s okay to stay up late while for the other bedtime is set in stone. Some kids get to play in the woods while their sibling is restricted to the yard. Or perhaps one day it’s okay for you to stay out until midnight and on Saturday curfew is at six. Contradictions, favoritism, hypocritical behavior, and empty arguments degrade parenting, pulling the plug to an already shallow pool.


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