I love kids. Mainly because they’re honest and there is nothing in the world I prefer over honesty. Kids have that sense of humor adults don’t understand. They’re so unaware of the dangers and haven’t found any true sense of being. Kids are ignorant and for the most part that makes them happy. I babysit twice a week for my neighbor. She has two kids, both boys, one five and the other ten. They are wonderful. Small things they do make my day. The little one will go to the bathroom with the door wide open, completely unashamed, flush, and walk right out. I’ll look at him slyly and ask if he washed his hands. He’ll hang his head and say no and walk back into the bathroom and shut the door to wash his hands. When it rolls around to bath time he tells me in order for him to get clean underwear out of the drawer to put on after his bath I have to leave the room. I love these kids. So unaware of the world, such bliss.



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