Lovely Little Crucifix

“Religion is a like a penis— it’s okay to have one, as long as you’re not shoving it down everyone’s throat.”

Personally, I’m not very religious and don’t care if you are. I just get really ill when someone tells me that not believing in their god makes me a bad person. Who the hell are they to judge me anyway? After all, most the “Christians” I know act like because they go to church on Sunday the other six days are best spent breaking the “Commandments” they try to impose on everyone else. No, I don’t believe all Christians are hypocrites, some are stuck up someone’s ass or so perfect that all they can be is critical. Well, that’s not entirely true. There are some Christians that make me want to believe in God and all his glory, the genuinely angelic people who do good deeds and try to help the needy. Those Christians I’m okay with. However, when I’m minding my own business and someone brings up religion (a topic I typically avoid) and starts to scold me like I’m their child for not sharing their beliefs, I get more ticked than the clock on the wall. I thought God was supposed to be the one judging me? Next time, I may rip the crucifix off their neck, break it in half, and use it as ear plugs. Otherwise, I may end up breaking number six (Thou shalt not kill.) Actually, that is still unlikely. I don’t think I could kill someone over such a trivial matter— see, I’m not so bad. 🙂


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