Why Anonymous?

I am my own identity,

Identity unknown.

All  the words in me,

Have a new-found home.

I speak to find serenity.

I listen for your reply.

The question resides in me,

The answer in the sky.

You know not my name.

My face is a mystery as well.

I hide myself in shame,

For what I have to tell.

—The Identity Under the Ink

With a diary your thoughts are private, there’s no feedback, no judgement. No one ever knows— unless someone discovers your pages of secrecy. That person knows you, you aren’t just another face, and now, they know what goes on inside your  mind. Why would anyone ever want that? This blog, strange as it may seem, was made to be my diary of some sort. I want feedback, and I suppose even judgement. Having my thoughts on the internet was originally a scary thought— unless no one knows them as my thoughts. In a way, it’s like writing in a diary, but I have the millions of bloggers out there to respond, like a committee of imaginary friends. I will know you by what you write, just as you know me. Feel free to comment, to judge. I love criticism— it makes me feel human, and that’s always a good feeling.



One thought on “Why Anonymous?

  1. It is an interesting concept… the fact that we can all come to this place, this community of anonymity and write whatever we wish. We could be neighbors, friends, you could be my doctor, neighbor, grocer… one would never know….

    It was a scary thought for me, as well, to share my thoughts… but, once I started, the words began to flow. Thank you for sharing as well.


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