The First Drop of Ink

I feel like I’m walking through a maze at the moment, I know where to start, but I don’t know the turns to take, where I’ll end up, or if I’ll ever make it out.

“You hold it all in, you never talk to anyone. It isn’t healthy.”


Writing what goes on inside my head down on paper and then locking it up for no one but myself to see can no longer be classified as “letting it out.” Well, this is me letting it out, or letting the world in rather.  I can’t knowingly burden those I care about and trust enough to talk to with my life. It wouldn’t be fair. Here, on this little blog in the mass sea of bloggers, I hope to find you. I don’t know who you are.  You may be multiple people. You listen though, or read rather. You comment like anyone would. You don’t carry my words as a burden because you are not tied to me. To you, I am but words, I am an identity under the ink.


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